The company is a European Cooperative Society (Societas Cooperativa Europaea - SCE)  under the name of "The People's SCE”, with limited liability and is governed by Council Regulation (EC) No. 1435/2003 of July 22, 2003, on the Statute for a European Cooperative Society (the "SCE-Reg.”) and the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in particular the law of August 10, 1915, on commercial companies. 


The registered office of the Cooperative is 16A Av. de la Liberté, 1930 Luxembourg.


The People's SCE aims, guided by its members, to function as an independent supporter of the eCredits Ecosystem, built upon the eCredits blockchain network, and is comprised of technology and applications providing functions that enable different forms of participation, financing and support for Businesses, Personal and other Users. The People's SCE will create full transparency and will let the members of its products participate on many different corporate levels.

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