Seed Phrase reset can only be requested if a user is logged in to the eWallet on a mobile phone that does not have the related seed phrase stored on the device. 

In such situation, the logged in user can either import the existing Seed Phrase, or, if the user wants to replace the Seed Phrase, request a reset.

If you have received an email stating that you have requested a Seed Phrase and the reset was NOT requested by you, we suggest that you change your password asap, because this reset can only be initiated if the user is logged in. Thus, if it wasn't you, this is a sign that someone else has logged in to your account and initiated the reset.

Please note: The access to your funds is only possible with your Seed Phrase. As long as you store your Seed Phrase in a secure place and you do not disclose it to anyone, your funds are safe.

If you have initiated the reset but changed your mind, just ignore the email. The reset code will expire after 24h.