If you wish to sign up or add a business account on the eCredits, please go to portal.ecredits.com.

Login or Register a new account


After you have signed up and logged in, choose a profile: an existing business account, or create a new Merchant Profile.

To create a business profile, first fill in all the required fields, such as Legal name, Representative name, VAT, etc. 

You can also add your company Logo. You can always change or add it later as well.

You can also connect your my World account, if you have one, or simply skip this step.

Skipping this step is possible, but please bear in mind that this will have an effect on the next step in the process of activating your subscription.


If you have successfully connected your my World account before, now at the checkout the merchant subscription will be activated automatically.

Otherwise, you will be asked to pay for the subscription during the activation.

You can pay for the subscription by Credit Card or eCredits.

Depending on whether you have provided a valid VAT number or not, your purchase will be subject to taxation rules according to the value added tax on goods and services within the European Union.

Payment by Credit Card

Enter your Credit Card details to pay for the subscription. The payments are processed securely.

You can proceed by downloading the eWallet app or continue to the portal.

Portal View

In the webportal you can see your added business profile alongside with the business settings.

If you still haven’t setup a Seed Phrase for your business account you will see the warning here in yellow.

Simply login in your eWallet app using your business account email & password combination,

and follow the steps in the eWallet app to create a Seed Phrase.