Under the Security Settings section, you will find following settings:

  • Reveal Seed Phrase
  • Change password
  • Change PIN
  • Use biometric

Reveal Seed Phrase   

Your Seed Phrase, that you have set up during the registration process, is stored under the Reveal Seed  Phrase. To access it, you will need to enter your PIN.

If you forgot the PINclick on Forgot PIN and you will be redirected to the PIN Reset screen, where you will be asked to Enter your password in order to set up a new PIN. 

Once you have entered the PIN, you can look up your Seed Phrase.

  • Why is the Seed Phrase important ?

You will need it in case you would like to migrate your wallet to a new phone. 

When importing your wallet onto a new device, it will always ask you for your Seed Phrase. You are the only one who has this phrase in your wallet. No-one else could ever help you to retrieve this information.

Therefore, we recommend you to note it down and keep it secure. 

We put his extra layer of security among these pages in order to prevent accidental access to your Seed Phrase.

In order to easily migrate your wallet to another device, simply scan the QR code with the other device.

Change password

Under Change Password section, you can modify your existing password.

Change PIN

Here you can change your PIN. Please see the above example, how to do it.