To get started go to, here you will find all the information about The People's SCE Affiliate Program.

  1. Download the eCredits Wallet App in your favorite app store and create an eCredits account.
  2. Go to and login with your eCredits credentials (e-mail and password). Alternatively, you can click on settings in the eCredits Wallet App and select “eCredits Academy”. Once signed in, you can start the Ambassador Course.
  3. Once you completed the Ambassador Course and passed the final test, you will receive the Ambassador Certificate
  4. To activate your Ambassador Subscription, go to and sign in with your eCredits account credentials. Now, select the menu option “Ambassador” and subscribe to The People’s SCE Affiliate Program. To activate the free subscription, please connect your third-party Cashback provider account.
  5. Congratulation, you’re now officially an eCredits Ambassador