Under My Wallet button in the app, you can see your balance and transactions.

If a wallet is empty (has no transactions or funds to display), it will look like this.


If you have deposited funds, it will look like this.

In the default view, you will only be able to see 1 wallet address. 

If you click on the name of your wallet, you will see an overview of all addresses that you currently have.

Single account view

Multiple accounts view

They will all be listed here and you can switch between them by clicking on the account.


  • Can I delete it ?


Display my Address

If you want to show another user your wallet address, click on the Account and then My Address.

You will then see this screen, giving you options to either copy the Address or the QR code

It enables direct sharing with friends via your preferred messenger on your phone, such as: WhatsApp, Wechat or VK.

Transaction search

Under My Wallet you will find an overview of all eCredits transactions. 

You can search for a specific transaction, by scanning it from another phone or web-screen. This helps to avoid typing mistakes and makes finding and handling transactions easy.

Click on a small QR code icon in the Search for Transaction field. 

A simple scan dialog will come up, assisting you to focus on the QR code.