When you login for the first time after signing up, you will be directed to the important part:


You need to setup a PIN or use your fingerprint for log in.

Once it's setup, later on we will only ask you for the PIN, to unlock your wallet. You will not need to set it up again.

  • Do I need to use fingerprint ? No.

It’s fine if you choose a PIN.

If you choose Use only PIN, you will be prompted with the screen to set a new PIN.

Confirm your PIN.

Next step is to configure your eWallet.

Kindly, read first why its important to secure your wallet with a Seed Phrase.

Please note that the Seed Phrase is your personal Backup Phrase which helps to protect your wallet.

  • No-one from support can ever see this phrase, nor restore it. 
  • No-one should ever get this phrase. Don’t show it to anyone, don´t send it to anyone.
  • Note it down in the exact order.
  • Keep this paper securely stored with your important documents.

Start when you are ready.

When creating your wallet, we will ask you for your Seed Phrase, to make sure that you have noted the words down correctly.

If you, by any chance, have skipped this step and haven't set up the Seed Phrase, you will not be able to pass the next screen.  

If so, click back and get a new phrase displayed.

Once you have entered your Seed Phrase, you can start working on your new profile. You can choose a profile picture and a name of your preference.

  • Does the name have to be unique? 

No, the name doesn't have to be unique, as it is just a label.

  • Why do I need to do that? 

In the blockchain world, you are not defined by a username but by a wallet on the blockchain. How you choose to call that wallet, matters only to you and your friends.

  • Do I have to set up this info? 

No, you don't. You may skip it, if you wish.